I live at Gedgrave which is situated just outside Orford on the east Suffolk coast.  

My husband and I have lived here since 1999 and enjoy it immensely.  We have a small holding where we keep, not only our flock of Wensleydale sheep, but also Golden Guernsey goats, various chickens, ducks and cats.  I am also a keen beekeeper and a member of Leiston & District Beekeepers.

We have been keeping Wensleydales now for 4 years and adore our flock.  I show them at various local, and not so local, shows – we use their wool in all sorts of ways and we occasionally have lamb available for sale. 

If you are interested in handspinning, we have black & white fleeces available.

We offer 100% pure Wensleydale wool, both natural and hand dyed along with rovings and Wensley locks.  We also have the odd sheepskin for sale.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy what you find!

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