Wool & Fleece

Wensleydale wool is the most valuable of all British wools and commands the highest price from the Wool Marketing Board.

The wool has no kemp – the little hairs which cause wool to be itchy – therefore it is soft and extremely warm.

The fleece is sought after by handspinners and rug makers alike for its soft silky curls.

I have both DK & Aran weight spun wool available in a small quantity – spun especially for me in East Sussex - from my 2008 clip.  I also have a limited quantity of beautiful hand dyed wool – dyed using only natural dyes by myself and my friend Marilyn. Please email me for further information and prices.

I have a quantity of handspun chunky wool which is gorgeous and spun for me by a lovely lady in the Scottish Isles – some is also hand dyed.  Again please contact me for details.

I do have available fleece from both my white and black flock – yearling wool which is by far the most sought after.  Please email me for quantities and prices.

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